All our classes have groups of 6 - 12 children
A small group is the best way to learn. We find an individual approach to children and develop their strengths.
In Robotics classes kids build robots and create algorithms to run them. The robots are built on a Lego Mindstorms platform, which makes the learning process a fun experience for kids.

Robotics has a lot of advantages for kids' development. Some of them include:

Fine motor skills
In robot construction, it is necessary to connect a lot of tiny parts. All these parts have different shapes and connecting mechanisms, which results in significant brain activity, helping the child's development.

Logical thinking
Starting with the simplest programs, step by step, we teach children to create algorithms. This has a direct connection with logical thinking. The programming environment is very visual, there is no boring text. It makes it easy for kids to write code and still very fun to do that.

Scientific and technical skills
We study machinery mechanisms, how they are made, and how they work. It includes physics and math applied to visual real-world objects, making it engaging for kids.
Programming nurtures creativity
In programming, there are no limits. Kids always start with a blank page and finish with a project of their interest. It allows curiosity and imagination in the process, developing a child's creativity.

Logical thinking
Programming is based on algorithmics which is directly connected to logical thinking. By writing code, the child, step-by-step, creates a solution to the given problem. This teaches them how to find the best most optimal path to their goal.

Math is fun
Math and programming are deeply interconnected. The way mathematics is taught at school might make it look scary for kids. However, while coding, kids acquire mathematical skills and abilities without even noticing it and while having lots of fun.
Creativity is the key
3D modeling is based on creativity and imagination. Kids design anything they want, print it, and bring it home. It allows them to develop their creative skills in a very fun and tactile way.

Engineering thinking
In 3D Modelling class, kids learn from simple to complex things. They start with the development of the simplest objects, and at end of the program, they become small specialists with competencies in the fields of 3D design and materials science.

Visual skills
Through the course, kids work with various shapes, seeing them from different perspectives and developing an understanding of different views. It improves their visual-spatial relationships and visual selective attention.
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